Digital Fiction

I’ve always preferred holding a paperback book in my hands, turning the pages myself and watching as the book acquires its own creases as it ages in my possession.  It took me a while before I actually decided to buy an ebook reader which I could upload a wide range of books on my travels.  There are advantages and disadvantages to both formats and  I love them both.

Digital media does offer some interesting innovations to the way we read.  The reader can choose the direction they wish to take in a narrative.  I used to love those maze reading books in which you were given an option to jump to different pages depending on a particular decision you wished to take.  Audio and visual aspects can also be used in more creative ways.

In We Tell Stories, Penguin has chosen six stories which are specifically designed for the internet.  They are stories that are based on other famous classics but allow readers to interact with the stories differently from traditional print media.




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