Alan November

Educational Innovators

During a recent webinar tutorial in which we were discussing the use of technology in learning the name of Alan November popped up.  I had never heard of him and so spent some time finding out who we was and found these videos which I immediately identified with:

Who owns learning?

21st Century Learning – a Deep Dive into the Future

I am currently reading Alan November’s book, Empowering Students With Technology, and hope to find more time to read through it over the holidays.

The point that technology can be a powerful motivator for some students who do not succeed in traditional classrooms is pertinent and not only relevant to teenagers as the story of Yves with which Alan November opens the book alludes to.  I have found it can be a powerful motivator for many of my adult learners.  

The story of Yves reminds me of a quote often attributed to Einstein which berates state education systems:

(Here’s the view of someone who really disagrees with this quote and rightfully questions whether Einstein would take this view.)