Do or Die – Meteor

Level: Intermediate B1+

Age: Teens & Adults

Language aim: Conditionals

Themes: Survival

My teenage classes love the Do or Die episodes.  You can play them without a worksheet and ask questions – I’ve prepared some activities to go with this episode.  I normally stop the video after the options and get the students to discuss then write their final decision (A, B or C) on mini white boards to find out who would survive.


A meteor or meteorite is a fragment of rock or iron from outer space, usually a meteoroid or asteroid, which survives passage through the atmosphere as a meteor to impact the surface of the Earth. Meteorites are believed to originate in the asteroid belt between the planets of Mars and Jupiter. A meteorite may range in size from less than a gram to more than 60 tons.

When the path of these space rocks intersects with Earth’s orbit, the meteoroid enters the atmosphere at high velocity causing the luminous phenomena we call a meteor or shooting star.

What would you do in the event of a meteorite hitting your home town?


  1. How many tons of rock hit earth every day? (1 ton = 907kg)
  1. In which country does the morning begin?
  1. What do scientists call the explosion? And whatdoes it generate?
  1. What is the speed of the meteor?
  1. How much glass is shattered?
  1. When did the giant meteor air-burst hit the Siberian forest in Russia?
  1. How many building were damaged in this particular case?
  1. How many people were injured?

Did you make the right choice!?


Guillotine              Hurtle             Gutter            Detonate         Kerb

  1.  = move or cause to move at a great speed, typically in a wildly

uncontrolled manner.

  1.  = explode or cause to explode.
  2.  = an apparatus designed for carrying out executions by beheading.
  3.                           = a stone or concrete edging to a street or path.
  4.  = a shallow trough | trɒf | typically fixed beneath the edge of a

roof for carrying off rainwater.

Complete the sentences with words from the glossary:

  1. Two other bombs failed to                                                    .
  2. A runaway car                                       towards them.
  3. We have to unblock the  , it’s full of leaves.
  4. The French                                   dates back to 1789.
  5. I tripped over the                                walking to school.


  Cut someone/something to ribbons

  1. Lit. to cut or slice someone severely.

He broke a mirror and the glass cut his hand to ribbons.

  1. Fig. to criticize someone severely.

The critics just cut her acting to ribbons!

   Dodge a bullet 

If someone has dodged a bullet, they have successfully avoided a very serious problem.

The people in this city are lucky; they dodged a 12,000 ton bullet shot from outer space.



Do or Die? Raging Bull

Level: B1+

Age: Teens to Adults

Theme: Animals, Conditionals, Life or Death situations

Do or Die is a great TV series from the National Geographic Channel and so guarantees lots of informative engaging content that can be used in class.

Here are some warm-up questions that I set (copy and past onto preferred presentation program:

  1. What are the most popular sports in the USA/Middle East/Europe/Asia?
  1. Do you know about any strange sports that are unique to particular countries?

Gaelic football / Bull fighting / Basque pelota / Highland games

Watch the start of the video clip, did your group mention these sports?

Answer this question:

  1. How many people a year typically attend the major sports stadiums in North America? 277 million

Stop the video clip

Next section:

  1. What are the bulls selectively bread to possess?

Enhanced aggression, strength and stamina

  1. What speed can a bull reach when charging?

40 mph

  1. What is being hit by bull like?

An 1,100 pound battering ram

What would you do?

Stop video and ask question in pairs / groups

Then show the three options on the clip.

What does flank / bleacher mean?

Which option would you choose?

Here’s what you should consider.

Q1.  What do loud noises do to the bull? Raise its hearbeat.

Q2.  How far can a large fighting bull toss a full grown man?

More than 30 feet / 10 feet higher than a single story house.

Q3.  How big is a bull’s fight zone? 100 feet

Make your final choice: A, B or C.

Stop clip, students pick final choice and write on mini whiteboards.

Which choice is correct / wrong? Why?

A – Move towards the bull’s flanks: Lateral positioning of eyes, 330 degree panoramic vision, blind-spot behind, bucking bull not appropriate.

B – Wave a Light-Coloured Cloth: matador waves red cape, white has opposite effect? No.  Bulls are colour blind.

C – Run down the bleachers: forelegs shorter than hind legs. Poor depth perception shadows/downwards slopes.

Who survived!?