Jamie Keddie

Jamie Keddie has a new book out. The ebook is available for download which will keep me occupied over the next few days..


Whilst working in Spain I had the opportunity to see Jamie talk on a number of occasions and they were very memorable experiences.  His presentations are always engaging and extremely interesting.  His 2009 book, Images, is one of the few books I’ve taken with me on my journey working in different countries.  It offers lots of ideas on how to exploit images for language learning in the classroom.


His latest book, entitled Videotelling,  focuses on the use of multimodal media in the classroom.  Arguably the best video video-sharing website online is YouTube which is why it gets a mention in the title.  Keepvid is a great website which allows you to download videos from YouTube and keep them on your computer in case you have any internet connectivity problems.


I’ve always used Lessonstream as a source of great lesson plans.   One of my all-time favourite video lessons is Mr W. which can be found on Lessonstream.  The theme of this lesson is the creative use of videos in advertising and it is great for getting students talking about their favourite adverts, past and present.

Another favourite advert relating to the benefits of a good English teacher is this one:

Would your students get it?