Tsunesaburo Makiguchi

Educational Innovators


This quote from Tsunesaburo Makiguchi, a forward-thinking educational theorist from Japan, was one that particularly struck a chord.   By educating our learners on how to use the technology available to them we can help them become more autonomous learners.  I liked the idea of a key unlocking the vault of knowledge.  Often when I find a really good website it does feel like a very valuable treasure trove has been unearthed, and when you find something like that, it is best sharing it with friends, colleagues and students.

‘The aim of education is not to transfer knowledge; it is to guide the learning process, to equip the learner with the methods of research. It is not the piecemeal merchandizing of information; it is to enable the acquisition of the methods for learning on one’s own; it is the provision of keys to unlock the vault of knowledge. Rather than encouraging students to appropriate the intellectual treasures uncovered by others, we should enable them to undertake on their own the process of discovery and invention.’