Engaging Video Clips

Level: B1+

Age: Young Learners to Adults

Theme: Friends, Adjectives, Picture description, Present simple, Present continuous

Tell students that they’re going to watch a video about Harvey and his best friend.

Why do you think they are good friends?
Who do you think Harvey and Rabbit are?

Further questions to ask before watching the clip:

Why do we need friends?
Why are your friends important?
What do you do together?

Watch the video, do you do these things with your friends?

Watch the video again, write as accurately as possible all the things Harvey and Rabbit do.

  • They play on a see-saw together.
  • They have their photos taken in fancy dress in a photo booth.
  •  Harvey buries Rabbit in the sand and makes him into a mermaid. 
  • Harvey rescues Rabbit from a burning house and resuscitates him by licking him. 
  • They steal sausages from the butcher’s and Rabbit drives the getaway car.
  • Harvey makes a compilation tape for Rabbit and dances to it on his hind legs while Rabbit listens on headphones.
  • They lie down on their backs in the grass watching cloud shapes.

I sometimes stop the video at different parts and get students to tell their partner what is happening / has happened / is going to happen.  This was particular helpful for Cambridge exam preparation such as PET and First where candidates have to describe pictures.

I put the following images in a power point slide:

(FRIENDS! a-la-la-poo-poo-la-la-laaaaaa..)